Friday, August 7, 2015


WHAT??!!  I am so excited about winning Scrap Orchard's Iron Scrapper grand prize!!!  Thanks to AmandaJ  and ctmscrap (Charlene) over at MouseScrappers (MS) who convinced me to give it a try! As you may have read in an earlier post about finding MS, I am relatively new to the online digital world.  I tried the Scrap Orchard Scrapper Bowl in January just for fun and ended up winning a great gift certificate which allowed me to stock up on some great designers' kits at Scrap Orchard (SO). There are so many great sites out there with great challenges to keep you going with your personal scrapbook goals.  MS helps me get my Disney albums done, and now SO is helping get my family books done! If you are looking for ways to motivate yourself to get going on your albums, I would suggest that you find a site where you love the designers - that's key - and start working on the challenges. Loving the designers is important because most sites have rules about using their designers on your layouts. Most sites give you points or coupons for completing the monthly challenges.  Who knows, you could win something big!!!

Here is my favorite layout from Iron Scrapper using Chelle's Creations Cat's Meow and a Fiddle Dee Dee Hello World 2 Template.  Last summer, my nieces took me to the SPCA to visit the kittens - they were starving for attention as you can see!  You can check out my SO gallery at:

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